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Emergency Services Foundation Structure

Organisational Structure
The operational structure of the Emergency Services Foundation is comprised of a Board of Management and a set of sub committees dealing with specific areas of interest and manages the organisation on behalf of the member organistations.

org chart



Board of Management
Neil Bibby   Chairman
Gaye Mason   Treasurer & Company Secretary
Jenny Davis  

Executive Officer



Member Organisation Representatives

Frances Diver (Interim CEO)

. Country Fire Authority

Tony Walker


Ambulance Victoria



Metropolitan Fire Brigade

Stephen Griffin


State Emergency Service

Craig Lapsley

. Emergency Management Victoria

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton


Victoria Police

Stephanie Rotarangi . DELWP
Neil Bibby  



Catherine Dunlop


Stephen Griffin    


Craig Lapsley    

Laurie Lavelle


Gaye Mason


Stephanie Rotarangi

Neil Soullier    
Tony Walker    





Gaye Mason


Finance & Risk Management

Katrina Bahen


Scholarship Committee

Neil Soullier


Disaster Planning Committee

Mark Swiney


Conference Sub-Committee

Stephen Walls


Alumni Sub-Committee

Life Members
Peter Akers    

Mary Barry

Doug Kimberley

Peter Lester    

Rhys Maggs


Christine Nixon


  Greg Sassella

  John Warburton